CAPITAL SOLUTIONS Richmond’s relationship with reputed private equity funds, banks, and institutional investors globally helps to
provide clients with optimum capital solutions. It undertakes critical appraisal of the proposals for arriving
at a suitable deal structure.
  • Private Equity Placements
  • FCCB
  • GDRs

  • Debt:
  • Arranging loans on a bilateral, club and syndicated deal basis with deal size.
  • Expertise in advising and arranging infrastructure financing.
Raising Growth Capital Growth capital investments are also made by more traditional buyout firms. There are several reasons why
we are a strong partner for companies seeking growth capital.

Raising capital can be a challenging and time consuming task for a business owner – but through our experience,
we know how we can best support our clients so they can remain focused on running their business and meeting
their targets. And our strong and high-level international network gives our clients access to the right investors –
banks, funds, private equity or individual investors.